If you are taking your car into a garage or main dealer that is capable of updating your cars ECU then you should ensure that your revert you car to original settings using teh handset prior to taking your car in.

Once you have received your car back, if you try to write your software back in and it states an ECU number mismatch or soemthing along those lines then your ECU has been updated.

In this case:

  1. Connect to your PC and run the eMotion Management software where you can erase the device.
  2. Connect to your vehicle and read the new stock file.
  3. Download the file from your handset to your PC.
  4. Log into your customer portal account and state that your vehicle has been updated by the garage and need a new file for your exisiting car.
  5. We will erase your stock file slot to allow you to upload your new read.

Please note that we will always verify the vin number in the device to ensure they match. Failure to reset to stock prior to going to the garage will lock your handset out if there is a software update. This will result in a need for a factory reset which will incur a reset fee and time taken to send the item to Italy and back.

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