How do I upload my tuned file to my handset?

Once you the team have processed your file, you will be notified of your modified file being available by a message on the file manager system. To download and upload to your handset please follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to the eMotion file manager
  2. Click the download MOD Vx button (x will change to the current version number so 1 would be the first Mod file and 2 if there was aneed for a revision etc) and save to your PC
  3. Connect the handset to your PC via the USB cable
  4. Run the eMotion Software and allow it to update.
  5. Select ‘Upload Data’ from the menu and select the MOD file that you saved.
  6. Once transferred the software will be on your handset ready to write to your vehicle via the OBD port.
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