Performance Tuning

Increasing the performance of any engine will exert additional stresses that the engine doesn’t normally undergo. Most modern engines are modular and as such are detuned versions of higher spec models but fitted with the same ancillaries. This therefore means that in most cases the vehicle will be well within tolerance even when modified. In saying this, the car will undergo higher stresses and as such can highlight any looming weakness that may not show up on standard tune. You must be aware that performance tuning has the ability to highlight issues and as such Celtic Tuning will not be held liable in any instance.

Celtic Tuning operates the following terms and conditions with reference to all performance modifications whether done direct or through our worldwide dealer network.


We provide a 2 year warranty on the software against any bugs, corruption or necessary updates. There may be a call out charge applicable if carried out on our mobile services or an hourly fee if through our dealer network.

14 day money Back Guarantee

The money back guarantee is valid for 14 calendar days following and including the day the work was carried out. Any refund issued under the guarantee is subject to a £50 call out fee, this is inclusive of VAT. Celtic Tuning reserves the right to make the following exemptions to the money back guarantee.

• High mileage vehicles suffering from clutch slip. A vehicle outside of its standard warranty period is deemed high mileage.

Mechanical Cover

Celtic Tuning hold no liability for mechanical cover as the nature of performance tuning entails that additional stresses are exerted in order to achieve the power gains. Additional information on particular items is highlighted below:

• Turbo – A turbo can fail even on brand new vehicles running standard tune engines, they can last from 10k miles up to 150k miles and there is no indication of longevity, due to the high rpm’s they operate at a simple small weakness can cause failure. When performance tuning we utilise a very small boost increase which is within the specs of the turbo, this does however have the potential to highlight any weakness’ and can, although very rare, cause the turbo to fail. This is extremely infrequent however we can not be held liable in this instance.

• Clutch – The life of a clutch can vary hugely depending on the predominant use, for instance a car used mainly in town will wear the thrust bearing and pressure plate much quicker than a vehicle used predominantly on the motorway. The clutch will undergo additional stress when modified and as such it is not uncommon for it to highlight any weakness in the clutch operation. We reserve the right to void the 14 day money back guarantee on vehicles outside the manufacturers standard warranty period in this instance.